Countdown: Americana Music Festival

Tomorrow starts the Americana Music Festival here in Nashville. Looking through the line up, it will be next to impossible to get to everybody I want to see. I am going to try to listen to some choices on MySpace or Amazon to see if there are any I don’t want to miss.

The obvious high point for me will be seeing Wanda Jackson live. But, that is more of a nostalgia thing, then again, isn’t there a bit of nostalgia built into the very idea of an Americana scene?

This week also is the opening of the last Tennessee State Fair at the original Fairgrounds for the last time. It looks like I will push that out to one of the final days next weekend.   They are offering some throw backs to some of the older fairs just to get a little bit nostalgic about Fairs of years past.

Okay, one more part of nostalgia, The Greek Festival  will be held at Holy Trinity Church at 4905 Franklin Pike from September 10-12th. For some reason, since the early 80’s when I went to a Greek Festival in Utah, I try to hit it every year. The food is unbelievable. Homemade Gyros, Lamb on the spit, Greek stew with pearl onions and cinnamon. It’s all too much. Add homemade Baklava and traditional dancing and Greeks know how to throw a party. I wish they had an Italian Festival.

Speaking of which, I just tried the Meatballs at Mafiaozas down a ways on 12th Ave. Really, really, Tremendo on top of fresh Angel Hair Pasta and Marinara. Try the “Ole Blue Eyes” special. Tell them you read about it here and maybe I will get some free food sometime. Hey, they are playing vintage Wanda Jackson here in Starbuck’s. Okay, I better sleep now or forever hold my peace since I will be up for four days.

It is going to be four busy days to remember.

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN