Filming "Country Strong" at War Memorial

When Gwyneth Paltrow was in Nashville months ago filming Love Will Find a Way, I got the call to be an extra at the War Memorial where Gwyneth was filming sequences that featured her “comeback” in the movie that will be released now with a new title Country Strong.

Gwyneth was singing live with a band of Nashville natives to canned tracks for the actual film. She really did work the audience and was “in the part” enjoying herself as a send up of something in between Shania Twain and Taylor Swift.

It’ s hard for me to remember the words to the songs but, the upbeat song was kind of a Country version of “Shake Your Booty” got the crowd going and we were having a good time running through the song several times for several shots.

Gwyneth in Nashville

When Gwyneth did the ballad “Country Strong” we were cheering even after the filming stopped the first time she did the shot. We didn’t stop. I think we were all in shock at how good the song was and how good her voice was.  Gwyneth was surprised too and while the Director was talking to her about her next shot they finally stopped collaborating.  Gwyneth walked back out to the runway and took a bow to the thousand of us that were there. We didn’t stop cheering for probably 10 minutes while the cameras were turned off.

The Director finally walked out and talked to us about who wrote the song. It was an all star team. It may be the old formula, but, picking a great song made all the difference. I will not be surprised that it will be a huge hit and could even get Best Song at the Academy Awards.

If you get the chance, watch her performance of “Country Strong” at the CMA Awards on November 10th.  I don’t write about stuff I don’t believe in. Gwyneth made me a believer. In reality, Nashville is full of people from all over the world that come here to sing Country just like there are plenty of Blues musicians that didn’t grow up in Mississippi or the wrong side of Chicago.

Gwyneth and Tim McGraw

If you haven’t noticed, Gwyneth loved Nashville and talked positively about her experiences while filming Country Strong including the food and the lifestyle.  Gwyneth was absolutely polite, warm and she won a lot of fans who worked as extras while she was in town. This film also stars Tim McGraw and features Nashville in a big way with a lot of city venues and vistas. I am looking forward to seeing the finished work and hope you will too.

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN