Carol and Jason Babbs, Last week at The Pie Wagon

The Pie Wagon located at 1302 Division Street in Nashville has one of the longest histories of any restaurant in  Nashville dating back to 1922, is once again changing ownership as Carol Babbs and her son Jason move on to new ventures.

Carol – “We live down by the Cumberland River, in the Cleese’s Ferry area. We were lucky; we didn’t get any damage in last years’ flood. We are just going to take some time and decide what to do next.”

The Babb’s, longtime residence of Nashville and part of the Music Row landscape left their mark with some of the best Catfish and Hot Chicken in town as well as other great home-style food such as Tomatoes and Onions marinated in White Vinegar and some salt just like my Grandmother used to make.

Located just across from the Best Western Music Row sits at the end of Nashville’s famous Music Row with nearby studios, BMI headquarters and several Music Publishing Companies is a great Meat and Three within walking distance where Musicians taking a lunch break from studio work mixed with some of the most well known Music Publishers and Songwriters.

Many times, it could have been a green room at a music festival or always Tin Pan South as delectable Cornbread and Homemade Mac and Cheese kept the talk flowing. The Pie Wagon was not only a close-by eatery, they also never disappointed with great food and a warm staff that remembered your name and what you liked.

Jason Babbs, who ran the day to day operations, always recommended bands to check out in my day to day work.  Jason and Carol will be sorely missed as Friday is their last day with The Pie Wagon being closed to prepare to be reopened name intact with a new owner also familiar to Music Row Foodies.

“David Biggs, who owned Macs Café where Ken’s Sushi now stands as well as Diamond in The Rough is the new owner. The Pie Wagon has been owned by five different owners that go way back to 1922 when it was known as The Majestic Café. The food has always been great. We are excited that tradition will continue.”

Carol was cooking hot Corncakes fresh off the griddle and passing them out with whipped butter at lunchtime on Wednesday when I stopped by and said a goodbye.  It was hard to decide but I went with the Fried Chicken, Homemade Mashed Potatoes with the some of the Mushroom Gravy from the Salisbury Steak and Mac and Cheese, homemade food that I love but rarely take time to make for myself. Carol and Jason Babbs will be missed. Many, many thank yous are in order as well as “Here’s to the future”.