George “Goober” and Lulu, Hee-Haw Reunion, Photo-Phil Johnson

Nashville, TN (May 6, 2012) – Country Music and television fans are collectively mourning the passing of George “Goober” Lindsey, who passed away early this morning at the age of 83 after an extended illness. Lindsey was probably best remembered for his character Goober Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD. Lindsey continued this beloved role on TV’s HEE-HAW, one of the longest running shows in production in television history.

“If I wanted a supercharger on the squad car, I WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU.”

Lindsey recently appeared on Country’s Family Reunion:  Salute to the Kornfield, which celebrated the show and reunited many of the characters of HEE-HAW for the first time since production ended.  Sadly, this was one of the last on-camera performances by George Lindsey, whose sole career mission was “to make people smile.”

“Now Goober, this is a Emaj9th chord, just like George Harrison plays in The Beatles.”

“What an absolute blessing it was to have George Lindsey and all of his friends on Salute to the Kornfield,” said Larry Black, founder of Gabriel Communications and Producer of Country’s Family Reunion. “Unfortunately, for all of us, it turns out that this appearance was among his last…this makes the memories all the more precious.”

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN