mando blues 05062013 025Local Recording Artist Jeff Blaney, a familiar face at Family Wash spent Monday night taping The Mando Blues Radio Show high on a remote mountain ridge well outside Nashville city limits in what seemed like Seattle rain forest like weather in a MASH clinic tent for tonight’s broadcast with a full house of local and regional musical comrades there to check out the music, vibes and food.

mando blues 05062013 006While Jeff was tuning up with Geoff Henderson on Bass, Shade Kling on acoustic rhythm and Justin Amaral on the skins, Alabama Blueswoman, Debbie Bond, keyboardist Rick Asherson, Flecktones’ Futureman aka Roy Wooten, DJ Mojo from the blues show “Spoonful” on WVOL 1470, Tony Gerber and others were catching up and talking about what has been going on since the last get together.

mando blues 05062013 011 smallThe latest buzz was about Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama that had been shut down by the Bessemer Police for not having a business license when it has been operating as a juke joint in a residence since 1952 and doesn’t serve food or alcohol.

mando blues 05062013 036Host of Mando Blues, Whit Hubner gave a shout out of support to Henry “Gip” Gipson and just basically said leave the man alone.

mando blues 05062013 021Jeff Blaney showcased more of his bluesier style songs for the show, but, didn’t avoid some of the more countrified flavors featured on his latest full EP Labor Of Love on Very Entertaining Records.

mando blues 05062013 004mando blues 05062013 035 smallJeff brought some label mates music as well as some music from his hometown mentors that strayed into blues and ragtime for the in between live music sets.

mando blues 05062013 038 smallJeff shifted gears from blues chord styled singer/songwriter narratives to Bo Diddley inspired jams and beyond.

mando blues 05062013 039 smallJeff played most of the songs off his most recent release including “Going Right Back Home To My Baby”, “ Shake That Thing” and “Come With Me.”

mando blues 05062013 028Bill Davis joined the band for a couple of songs towards the end of the set.

mando blues 05062013 014Everybody stayed around for cornbread and roast beast straight out of the cast iron wood burning stove.

mando blues 05062013 037mando blues 05062013 041mando blues 05062013 043 smallThe Mando Blues Radio Show staff was extremely gracious and taped another BBC In Session quality rivaling broadcast.

mando blues 05062013 016 smallAll photos © 2013 Brad Hardisty

–          Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN