Photo Courtesy Christal Anderson

Nashville Singer-Songwriter Shantell Ogden is giving all of her fans an opportunity to be the muse for a song on her new fall release, Stories Behind Songs, by sharing their story through her website by May 8th.

“I believe that everyone has a story that could be told in a song. My friends and fans are already an incredibly important part of my journey as a songwriter, and it’s exciting to engage them in the creative process.”

Shantell has already received submissions from as far as 2000 miles away from diverse areas of the country from Utah, New Mexico, Georgia and Oregon, as well as several other states.

“I’ve been really touched by the personal stories that friends and strangers have shared with me already,” she added. “As a songwriter, I can appreciate the honesty and vulnerability that goes into sharing a personal experience with someone else.”

Photo Courtesy Christal Anderson

Shantell shares, “I’m sure we have all heard songs and said to ourselves, ‘That’s my life story in a song, that’s how I feel.’ The best songs get beyond the writer and reach into the common experiences we all share in love, loss, hope and healing.”

One of the songs from the upcoming release, “Unfinished”, has already touched a fan in a personal way. After a recent showcase featuring the song, a girl from the audience came up and said she needed a copy of the song because she felt the lyrics were telling her recent break-up story:  “There’s still a little what might have been, and still a little you and me left, Unfinished.”

The new CD is being recorded at Dave Smith’s (Guitarist for Lee Greenwood) Nashville Song Lab Studio. Dave Smith is Co-Producing with Shantell, Stories Behind Songs, which features co-written works by Bill DiLuigi and Donna DeSopo who will be playing an opening slot with her as well as Scott Jarman at 12th and Porter on April 23rd in support of  Acklen Park.

Acklen Park’s new self-titled CD was released on March 18th and features two songs co-written by Shantell Ogden, “For You, I’d Change” (written with Acklen Park’s lead singer Marcum Stewart) as well as “Lost” which was co-written with Bill DilLuigi and Scott Jarman Acklen Park plans to record a video for “Lost” later this year.

Shantell is currently finishing up songs for the album and looking forward to getting back into the studio to record.  If you would like to be part of the story, be sure to submit your story on her site by May 8th. The chosen story will be announced on her website and through   Twitter@shansmusic  on May 13th.

Photo Courtesy Rebekah Pope

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN