Justin and Hank Jr in Memphis Suburb

Justin Timberlake along with his best friend/WilliamRast business partner Trace Ayala were hanging backstage in Mississippi last Friday night with country music legend Hank Williams Jr.   Williams was in town doing a concert in Southhaven, Mississippi, where Timberlake along with fiancée Jessica Biel, mother Lynn Timberlake, and buddy Alaya all took in a night of some ‘Rockin Randall’.
“What a great guy!  Justin is a friend of my rebel son Kid Rock.  He sure is a good country boy.  We talked about girls, guitars, turkey hunting, going on cruises and how much we hate them, even though Bobby (Kid Rock) is on one right now and loving it, ugh!  Hell, Justin and I even talking about recording a blues song sometime.” – Hank Williams Jr.

When Hank hung with Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson, it was like the Memphis Mafia exploits.


American Recodind – Memphis under restoration

Only got one thing to say, if they do a blues song together, got to do it in Memphis at the currently being restored American Recording.

American, room fit for Chet Atkins or Phil Spector sound

It’s last incarnation was Easley-McCain, with bands like Sonic Youth, Wilco and Jeff Buckley’s final recordings. American started out as Fantasy Productions in the late 60’s with two years of secrecy in what looked like a custom build by Elvis Presley with Marty Lacker as the front man. American has a rare hawaiian lava rock (can we say jungle room) facade and a room replica of RCA Studio B in Nashville where Elvis recorded almost everything for RCA and also features echo chambers like Capitol Studios in California. This will by far be the best old school / new school hybrid studio in Memphis.

Justin, Hank, if you want to know more, get a hold of me, I’ll put you in touch with the owner. It won’t be open to the public till the end of this year, but, will get you there on the Sly, hey,hey, hey.

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN     thenashvillebridge@hotmail.com