Koffin Kats – Phot – Diana Price

Rising punk rock band The Koffin Kats will be performing at The Muse on May 12.  

The Koffin Kats are an explosive punk trio who’ve quickly become the champions of the psychobilly scene with their blend of tattoos and rip-roaring punk rock ‘n’ roll.  The band’s notoriously wild live shows are an event that must be witnessed firsthand.  

The bands roots are from Detroit Rock City, but, they have spent a lot of time on the West Coast where Rockabilly and Hot Rod Culture are as consistent as Bob’s Big Boy.

Photo – Alexander Thompson

Psychobilly über-bassist Vic Victor, formerly of local outfits V8 Nightmare and Solla Saloon, has once again returned to the fray with the Koffin Kats. Horror-tinged, 1950s B-movie and old-school E.C. comics worship prevails, and the material ends up in Nekromantix territory. Add to that comparison the work of Deadbolt , the Cramps and even a little Dick Dale and you pretty much have the sound down pat. The material on The Koffin Kats throws down and chugs along through the entire program – think V8 Nightmare but twice as fast. Good backup vocals, strong hooks and speedy punk drumming keep the whirlwind of sound in place. Victor’s stand-up bass playing is spectacular and works perfectly as the final cohesive element. – Real Detroit Weekly

Kicking off their most recent tour in March, 2012 marks a turning point for the Koffin Kats as they infiltrate the mainstream with Our Way and The Highway, a culmination of the band’s rich history, road scars and outlaw psycho punk blood running furiously through every track.

– Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN     thenashvillebridge@hotmail.com