bonnie bramlett vinyl 004“As you may have noticed my daughters are campaigning for their father’s musical legacy. Our Michele has taken the reins and with her sisters right by her side, she has tested the waters (so to speak) to see if she would be embraced by our peers and she has been 🙂

Delaney passed away not long ago and his daughters naturally want to celebrate his life’s work, secure the recognition it deserves and bring it to a wider audience. He made some great music as a solo artist, as well as with Delaney & Bonnie. “– message from Bonnie Bramlett on her official website.

bonnie bramlett vinyl 007An Atco copy of Delaney & Bonnie’s “Only You Know and I Know” obviously well-loved and in fair condition for $1.00 at The Great Escape – Madison location spinning at 45 on the turntable; well worth the dig!

bonnie bramlett vinyl 003bonnie bramlett vinyl 005Hearing Bonnie sing gorgeous harmony  on “Let It Rain” from a vinyl copy of Eric Clapton’s first solo album along with Delaney & Bonnie’s great southern band brothers, Rita Coolidge and Leon Russell on a good condition copy found at Phonoluxe for $4.00…cool!

bonnie bramlett vinyl 010bonnie bramlett vinyl 011I found a well-worn jacket hiding a near mint platter of Bonnie Bramlett’s covers album Lady’s Choice  recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios and Capricorn Sound Studio at Fond Object that features the whole Muscle Shoals crew, Johnny Sandlin, David Hood, Jimmy Hall as well as guests Gregg Allman and a Tuscaloosa cat with a current Rolling Stones gig; Chuck Leavell.

bonnie bramlett gregg allman 2bonnie bramlett gregg allman 1Dropping the needle on the duet, “Two Steps From The Blues” with Gregg Allman reminds me of when I was standing on the back wall of the Alabama Theater in 2007 at The Scott Boyer Benefit with Gregg leaning on my arm as we peaked out from behind the horn section to watch Bonnie sing before he was going on. Gregg would whisper to me, “I played on that.” “I remember when we did that one.”  Gregg knew her set as well as Bonnie. I could tell he was a fan. Finally, Gregg said, “Well, I guess I better go get ready.”  $5.99 for vinyl Bonnie Bramlett Muscle Shoals Nirvana; Awesome!

bonnie bramlett backstage 2007Bonnie backstage cupping her hands over my ear and singing “Good Rockin’ Tonight” at The Alabama Theater in 2007 while she was waiting to go onstage…PRICELESS!

bonnie bramlett vinyl 008

all photos of album jackets, vinyl records also photos taken of artwork and Gregg Allman at The Alabama Theater taken by Brad Hardisty.

Photo with Bonnie Bramlett backstage at The Alabama Theater – unknown *

Gregg Allman on the back wall of The Alabama Theater 2007 with my arm and one of his best friends -photo –  Tiny

–          Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN