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All photos © Brad Hardisty

nashville bridgeThe Nashville Bridge was rolled out in 2010 at the suggestion of my sister who said that I needed to share my rock and roll and country and rhythm and blues Americana post punk California life with the rest of the world. My first blog printed photo was a portion of a shot I took of The Cumberland River and the bridges crossing into downtown that I took with a 5 mg Fuji auto focus while visiting Nashville in 2006 and wondering if I would ever move here. It is a picture that means a lot to me. I visited Nashville quite often from Birmingham before deciding to move up here and make roots in January of 2008.

Although I did want to just editorialize and conjecture my thoughts on all things music since becoming a music conduit starting at the age of four when I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and then cemented when I banged on garage doors beginning at age five to get in and listen to Count Five (“Psychotic Reaction”) and other San Jose area bands practice their next hit singles. Now,with the blog, I knew I needed pictures to tell the story.

back then, yy eyes were wide open and my neuro senses were in overdrive at age five and six watching a bunch of teenage guys hammer through guitar amps making loud music with girls hanging out until the cops would arrive and shut the whole thing down. I got to get mad at having to quiet down with the rest of the band and older kids.

Well, that’s how it started and this is where I am at right now: Nashville! There is a story behind of every picture that means anything to me.

mike farris 100102 bwWhen I started the blog, I just had a Nikon 12 mg auto-focus camera which was difficult sometimes, especially on band close-ups with lots of lights. Mike Farris was kind enough to let me shoot him down by the Cumberland River after talking about the Nashville Flood and his then current album. Mike Farris & The Cumberland Saints project to benefit flood victims at Crema  in 2010 with the Nikon.

Needless to say, I had to rely on kind contributing support of great photographers in and around Nashville and Birmingham for photos when possible for the blog and my articles in Performer Magazine.

jeff beck ryman 03 smallNext, I got an HTC Evo 4G phone that actually got some decent shots now and then. Sometimes, it was the only camera available and it would have to do.  The pics I took of Jeff Beck at The Ryman actually turned out fairly interesting.

record store day 2013 069Finally, it was time to get a reliable camera to get some decent concert shots, so, I gathered my limited budget and bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3i about six months ago. It really paid off on Record Store Day this last April when I was shooting multiple bands at several locations.  The photo of Tyler Davis of Chrome Pony at The Groove was all you could ask for. The red hair contrasting with the blue sky was superb.

nbn 2010 Peelander Z 02The Nikon camera could be difficult with a lot of action, this shot of Peelander Z at Exit/In during Next Big Nashville 2010 made the best of the cameras limitations,  tracers and all, while Peelander Red crowd-surfed, bass guitar in towl.

paul mccartney coachellaOkay, here was a tough one for the Nikon. Paul McCartney in Palm Desert, California at Coachella 2009 from 30 yards away, my only usable shot of a real Beatle so far. I wish I was the guy shooting that picture down front.

Ray Wylie HubbardThe Americana Festival 2010 was a real eye opener seeing fans traveling from as far away as Australia to see Hayes Carll play a set at The Basement.  Ray Wylie Hubbard was hot that year and the Nikon played with the light a little bit and this photo only worked with some grit in it. I figured it was an “Americana” picture. Maybe it’s just all the facial hair, but, he looks like a smiling Jerry Garcia to me.

inf cat 10 2nd heavycream 02Infinity Cat Records had a 10th Anniversary celebration last year and Heavy Cream headlined the second night at The Zombie Shop. The HTC Evo did some kind of funky light thing when a flash went off at the same time from another camera across the room. There is no photo editing. You can’t duplicate that. That’s a real motha fo ya!

ibma 2010 rodney dillard 01IBMA fans and musicians are absolutely some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Rodney Dillard was one of The Darlings on The Andy Griffith Show and is still laying it down on the Martin Guitar with The Dillards as he did here at the 2010 conference taken with the Nikon.

mike farris grimeys 02Kenny Vaughan is probably one of the most iconic guitarists in Nashville today with a portfolio of work includes Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams and other varied projects including his recent solo record. Mike Farris had one of the biggest bands ever at Grimeys for this in-store with Kenny Vaughan on guitar. I was standing right next to him holding the care above and behind my shoulder to get this one with the Nikon. He kind of reminds me of Angus Young’s other brother from a different mother the way he is holding that SG.

tristan dunn 01Tristan Dunn is a musician from Birmingham, Alabama that I have known for several years now. He can play guitar, keys like his favorite – Billy Powell and blows harp like Topper Price. I got some great shots of him in front of the Johnny Cash wall before it got damaged and then updated. He is autistic, but, he doesn’t use that as a conversation piece or to get sympathy, he just lets the music do the talking. I have ran into so many big name Country Artists when I run around with him when he visits that I am beginning to think he has a high profile Guardian Angel like Hank Williams or Buck Owens.

Frank Fairfield 02Frank Fairfield did an in-store at Grimeys in 2011 and I kind of pushed the HTC Evo as far is it could go with antique sepia tones being the theme. I think Frank is from California’s Central Valley where I grew up. His music is best heard on vinyl 78’s. I have yet to talk to him about Fresno’s famous Di Cicco’s Pizza. Okay…now I’m hungry.

uncle dave 2012 blind boy 01 expJeron “Blind Boy” Paxton made the cover of Living Blues Magazine even before any kind of real record release and just a lot of You Tube buzz. He specializes in music from the early 1900’s and is a master on old banjos, guitars, ragtime piano and just about anything he touches. He was hanging out in Murfreesboro at Uncle Dave Macon Days last year jamming with people that had no idea who he was. I guess they thought he just wandered in from some boxcar in a train yard. The photo was taken with the HTC Evo.

metro 50th marion james 01Okay, here is backstage with my newer phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. This is Marion James, Nashville’s “Queen of The Blues” getting ready to go onstage at Nashville’s Metro 50th Celebration downtown. Marion had a top 10 Billboard hit back in the 60’s with “That’s My Man” on Excello Records. She has multiple connections to Jimi Hendrix. Jimi played guitar for her when he lived in Nashville in the early 60’s. Also, she recorded two more singles back during that time with Hendrix tie-ins. One song was written by Billy Cox, bassist for Jimi Hendrix and Marion as well as another song written by Larry Lee who was the second guitarist in Jimi Hendrix’s band, Gypsies, Suns & Rainbows that played at Woodstock. She knew and knows them all. Marion works hard to keep the Rythm & Blues scene alive in Nashville.

rev peyton show 032013 062 smallOkay, back to some newer shots with the Canon.  Reverend Peyton at his recent show at Exit/In provided the opportunity to learn more about the camera’s capabilities. The Rev’s management contacted me after seeing the post to email photos for their use.

rose pink 03 smallRight before Christmas, when I was just breaking the Canon in, I met Mississippi Rosealee aka Rosalind Wilcox who lives in Clarksdale, Mississippi i.e “The Crossroads.” Rosealee is well known in the community as both an artist with her space called Sun House right near Ground Zero and as a musician that includes playing drums for two historic Mississippi Blues musicians, L.C. Ulmer and Robert Belfour. In fact, L.C. Ulmer wrote a song for her called “Rosalee” and is on the M Is For Mississippi soundtrack. She let me set up a shot of her at Hopson’s Commissary that reminded me a little of the first Crosby, Stills and Nash album.

record store day 2013 053 smallOkay, I personally think this is the best candid of Tristen, that I just happened to take at The Groove, Record Store Day 2013 with the Canon. The most important thing is that she liked the picture too. Man, I want to shoot Nikki Lane. Wait, I did get a couple before they closed the set a couple of nights before Record Store Day.

record store day 2013 023 smallThere it is…man, I could do better, Nikki thinks about what she is wearing, the shot, everything, I would love to do a couple hours of shooting with Nikki. Well, Nikki, if you e-mail me, I’m there! Nikki, your neo-classic country meets retro cool thing is sublime.

bang ok bang jan 2012 08Okay, the earliest shots with the Canon were the Bang Ok Bang set at the High Watt in August of 2012. I was still learning how to work with the frame speed and all that. Now, just for knowledge of the game: I did shoot 35 Millimeter on a Canon back in the day. This photo was taken in auto-mode and it caught some drum moves all in the same frame from drummer Abby Hairston. I still think it’s cool, in an art crawl kind of way.

debbie bond mando blues 04082013 028 smallOkay, I have been out to a couple of tapings of the Mando Blues Show. That is an adventure in itself, most notably, talking to Futureman about Return To Forever’s Romantic Warrior album and the merits of Lenny Williams’ drums on that. It is one of the famous Wooten’s favorite examples of drums. He said Lenny’s drums sound like a Timpani. Alabama drummer, Dave Crenshaw played drums for Debbie Bond that night and it looks like I set up this shot, but, I didn’t. The Canon again.

tyler bryant exitin 070 smallOkay, one more and I will let you go. There is a story behind this one too. I ran into Tyler Bryant at Cafe Coco before Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown were going to play at Exit/In. We talked about when he opened for Jeff Beck at The Ryman and he knew I was going to be down front shooting some photos. When I arrived at The Exit/In, Brad Whitford from Aerosmith was talking to his son Graham Whitford, the other guitarist in the Shakedown near the merch booth before everybody started showing up. He was wearing a baseball cap and being very incognito. He looked at me and realized I knew who he was. I could tell he was there just to support his son and didn’t want to draw any attention to himself. So, I just gave him the “Nashville” nod of recognition and didn’t approach or say anything. I kept his cover for him. You see, that is how we do it in Nashville. We let each other relax and feel at home. I got some great shots of the band and got one of the best color shots ever with the Canon of Graham on stage.

I’m happy with the pictures I am getting with the Canon T3i and so is my Editor at Performer Magazine. Even the bands and artists have given me kudos. Maybe next year, I’ll go for a full frame Nikon or Canon.

Well, The Nashville Bridge is almost three years old. I have been writing for over two years for Performer Magazine and a few other scattered published articles. Thanks for indulging me with my lifetime passion for music. Thanks for reading The Nashville Bridge on your laptop, iphone, ipad or droid. I make it as easy to view and read as possible.

“It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!” – AC/DC

All photos © Brad Hardisty

–          Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN

record store day 2013 021Record Store Day started well before Saturday with lines cueing up at 6PM the day before at Third Man Records with some vinyl collectors showing up from several states away for the special Record Store Day items.

record store day 2013 035Third Man had a private party with tour buses lined up which included Willie Nelson and Neil Young last Thursday night in preparation for Jack White’s latest installation into the company store: a vocal booth where you can cut your own 7 inch record and have it come out of a machine ready to play.

record store day 2013 026record store day 2013 031record store day 2013 030The line started to form at Grimeys about the same time. The people at the front of the line had started about 6PM Friday as well to make sure they had their pick of the special releases. The front of liners at Grimeys had a laundry list of stuff to grab and Dave Matthews rare 500 only vinyl was on the list.

record store day 2013 024The first campers at The Great Escape Charlotte store arrived at 8PM. The main reason they got there was for the same rare Dave Matthews’ 500 only release. Great Escape was said to have two copies.  The best kept secret in town is that Great Escape gets a majority of the same things that Grimeys gets but, if you arrive about 5AM you can probably get what you want and be 4th or 5th in line. The Great Escape also is the earliest store to open at 8AM.

Grimeys definitely had top flight entertainment all day long with headliners Paramore playing later in the day.

record store day 2013 051The Groove was not to be outdone with a Mas Tacos truck out front serving up some of East Nashville’s best Mexican food and a stage in the back. The Groove probably had a well-balanced full plate with a pair of local labels G.E.D. Soul Records and Jeffery Drag Records  that featured Natural Child rolling papers made in the Peoples Republic of China manning booths with plenty of new vinyl.

record store day 2013 082 smallG.E.D. Soul had a Record Store Day 7” release, Sky Hi’s Reality Check as well as an afternoon performance by recording artist DeRobert & The Half-Truths who performed with the sun hitting the band straight in the face. DeRobert blocked the glare with some cool shades.

record store day 2013 063G.E.D. Soul Records was spinning vinyl in between sets.

record store day 2013 078 smallrecord store day 2013 061 smallGraffiti artists Mike “Ol Skool” Mucker and Troy Duff  had their own thing going on in the alley behind The Groove.

record store day 2013 047The afternoon behind The Groove got hot when KCRW “Breakout Band” Penicillin Baby started off with some great Garage surf staring at their guitars and meditating on the Fender reverb spring action.

record store day 2013 053 smallrecord store day 2013 057 smallTristen  was in good spirits going through a strong enthusiastic set.

record store day 2013 069record store day 2013 072record store day 2013 068 smallChrome Pony had it all, a great drummer playing extremely tough and tight on the kit and a red headed guitarist that matched the bright sun glowing in the afternoon sky. For once, Nashville had a perfect weather day this year.

record store day 2013 049The Groove also had bins outside lined up on the side of the old house with one dollar records. It was a sure hit with what dollars were left over after buying the Big Star $39.99 double vinyl.

record store day 2013 075 smallEast Nashville parents brought their kids along and it was interesting to see Nashville veteran alt-rockers Forget Cassettes kind of Goth pop – Souxsie & The Banshees type thing going through a six year old’s brain. A little more mind expanding than afternoon geography at the elementary school.

record store day 2013 042Even Ernest Tubb Record Shop got into the Record Store Day thing with a few featured releases including Eric Church’s vinyl that had Whiskey poured into the actual pressing and the Chet Atkin’s Blackjack EP that was quickly sold out and was never seen by anybody but the buyers.

record store day 2013 074Phonoluxe, which doesn’t purchase any new records, but, may have the best variety of used vinyl in town, pulled out all the stops and brought many hidden treasures out for purchase. This was the stuff that might only get to EBay. They had plenty of rare stuff for the serious collector.

record store day 2013 041record store day 2013 038record store day 2013 039Rock band, The Ettes opened up a new used vinyl store and label in Riverside called Fond Object on Record Store Day. Fond Object fills a niche of more punk and metal with stock that used to part of one of the band members own collection starting out a busy room full of noise.

record store day 2013 087 smallrecord store day 2013 089 smallAn afternoon of fine music on the green was to be had behind Fond Object featuring the true country honky tonk of Alabama native J.P. Harris & The Tough Choices which featured a little Speedy West / Jimmy Bryant kind of dual lead vibe before the end of their set.

record store day 2013 106 smallThe sun started to settle and all the vinyl was packed away in the when Cheap Time featuring Jessica from Heavy Cream on bass went through a ripping set behind Fond Object. Speaking of Heavy Cream, the missing record for Record Store Day that should have been was a back to back release of The Stooges, “1969” and Heavy Cream’s “1979.” Elektra and Infinity Cat, are you listening? It was interesting to hear three chord slash with a couple of three year old kids chasing each other in front of the band.

record store day 2013 096Fond Object’s Record Store Day party featured mixed drinks and custom hot dogs. The best had homemade tomatillo Sauce with sour cream and cilantro. I need to make that one at home.

record store day 2013 113I was looking forward to going through my new finds, but, my earlt 90’s Marantz 780 receiver had a fit and shut down and is now in search of a good stereo repair guy before I get to enjoy my cache of new colored vinyl.

record store day 2013 108 bwAll photo © 2013 Brad Hardisty

–          Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN