infinity cat headquarters performerFollowing on the several year stint and recent upgrades to Third Man Records Company Store and the recently opened Fond Object in Riverside by The Ettes, Infinity Cat realized that so many fans were making pilgrimages from all over the world and knocking on the door looking for hard-to-find label merch that it was time to just open the door and say “welcome.”

infinity cat welcome 01Infinity Cat Records made the following announcement:We have opened the Infinity Cat Visitors Center at Infinity Cat headquarters. Why? Because you asked us to. We receive so many requests (“Hi, we live in London and coming to Nashville. We own pretty much everything Infinity Cat. Can we come visit?”). Wanna come say hi? Call 615-730-8417 and we’ll let you know if we are there. The rest of these words come from Steve Haruch’s great article. “There will be records for sale, of course, and ICR logo coffee mugs, but “the best part,” Orrall says, “is that 80 percent of it will only be in the store” and not available through the label’s website. That stuff includes out-of-print items like the last original MEEMAW T-shirt, for instance, and band tour posters, some of them from other countries — that sort of thing.

inf cat 10 2nd heavycream 07 wThe not-a-shop is a response to requests from fans who have wanted to stop by when they’re in Nashville. Now they’ll have something to visit aside from a small office and a kitchen. And while there won’t be regular business hours, there will be impromptu times of openness, which will be announced via the label’s various social media accounts. Instagram followers will get to see new items (including vintage records, radios and magazines) as they are added to the shop visitors’ center.

inf cat 10 diarrhea planet sandwichesThank you Steve Haruch for a great description and great photos. What will be the first thing you want to buy? “Loose Jewels” by Diarrhea Planet. Why? Well, let’s let MTV do the talking now: “”Take away the branding, the deal-making, the app-launching, the corporate sponsorships, the giant Doritos stage, Train playing the Rachel Ray day party, the free piggyback rides, the weird giveaways, the free beer, the expensive cabs, the long lines and the Justin Timberlake, and really what you have left is a little ol’ dusty festival with a band named Diarrhea Planet on the schedule. Decades from now, when those of us who attended SXSW 2013 are on our deathbeds, we’ll whisper but two words to our loved ones, and those words will be “Diarrhea Planet.” They won’t understand, but we will.” – MTV Hive

inf cat 10 yes sandwichSo come on buy, pick up something special, and say hi to the official Infinity Cat, D. Boone. See you soon!

inf cat 10 skyblazer 01

Visitors center photo from Infinity Cat press release. All other photos, Brad Hardisty taken at Infinity Cat 10th Anniversary shows of Heavy Cream, Skyblazer, Infinity Cat Sandwich and Diarrhea Planet and Infinity Cat front door taken for Performer Magazine .